LED Video Walls front service fixed installation solutions.

Slim video wall , fixed installation directly on the wall without any supporting frame

Slim Video Wall P1.9 P2.6 P3.1 P3.9

New design of slim line video wall 1.6" (42mm) thickness only is great solution for fixed installation directly on the wall without any supporting frames . Easy and fast assemble , totally front service using a magnetic tool to remove modules from a panel (cabinet).
Basic tech spec:
Available pitch: P1.9 , P2.6 , P3.1 , P3.9
Panel sizes : W39.4"xH9.8"XD1.6" or W29.5"xH9.8"XD1.6" (W1000xH250xD42mm or W750xH250xD42mm)
Ready solution for screen with 90 degree angle.
Fixed installation only.
Totally front service design with magnetic pull out modules toll.
Indoor use only.
Perfect image quality
Super Lightweight aluminum cabinet 
Vivid image quality processing 16bit , and high gray level 
High contrast and refresh rate 
No ghost problem 
Seamless splicing display ( no gap between cabinets )
Easy and fast installation 
Low working temperature 
Noiseless ( without fan ) 

Control system Nova Star 
Optional Video processors is available for image scaling, color, contrast, brightness, pic and pic mode , 8 media inputs.

Front maintenance LED Video Wall

Front service LED video wall , fixed installation 

P2.5, P3.91mm , P5.2mm , P6.25mm

Front maintenance LED video wall specially design for installation directly to the wall , and totally accessible for service and installation from front side of the screen.

Special Magnetic tool designed for easy remove the modules from the cabinet without any screws.

LED screen has following superiority:

  1. Super Lightweight aluminum cabinet 
  2. Vivid image quality processing 16bit , and high gray level 
  3. High contrast and refresh rate 
  4. No ghost problem 
  5. Seamless splicing display ( no gap between cabinets )
  6. Easy and fast installation 
  7. Low working temperature 
  8. Noiseless ( without fan ) 

Magnetic modules removal toll

LED Video Wall P3.1 / P3.9

Front mainenece fixed installation 

Front service fixed installation LED video wall

Front service LED Video Wall P3.1 / P3.9

That type of indoor video wall specially designed to fixed installation directly on the wall by easy assemble process .
Fully front serviceable 
Available Pitch size P3.1 and P3.9
Panel sizes options : 500x500x75mm , 500x750x75mm 750x750x75mm 
Control system: Nova or LINSN 
Video processor optional 

Rental type LED Video Walls.

Watch video of manufacturing process of P3.91 LED rental LED video wall below:

Rental HD LED Video screen

Light weight design . 
Easy assemble and deassemble.
High contrast ratio 3000:1
Leds : P3.9-4.81 SMD2121 ,P6.25 SMD 3528 
High refresh rate ( no scanning lines on camera)
High Gray level 16Bit (2.8 trillion colors )
Panel size 20"(Wide) x 40" (Hight) (500x1000mm)
Power consumption : 400W Max , Avg 200
Input voltage :90-240V AC 
Control system : NOVA or LINSN