LED Video walls

Led video wall front service cabinet

Led video wall - Front service cabinet 

Newly design cabinet a specially made to be install on the wall , and front service access with easy removable magnetic modules makes many installation convenient for service when no access from back side. Pixel pitch available : P3mm , P3.81mm,P4.5mm,P5mm, P6Black LEDs for high contrast level High Refresh rate 1800-4800Hz for better image processing.
High Gray level for reach color depth 14-16bit.
Die cast alum cabinet no gap perfect assembly.  
  • P3.81 Front service Spec bellow 
LED Brand :Nationalstar 
LEDPixel Pitch3.81 mm 
Physical Pixel Density: 68,889 pixels/㎡
Pixel (SMD 3in1, 2121, black face)
Module Resolution: 64 W x 32 H pixels 
Module Dimensions: 244mm W x 122mm H pixels Cabinet Resolution: 128 W x 128 H pixelsCabinet Dimensions: 488mm W x 488mm H Cabinet Type
Material: die-cast aluminum, hanging design Estimated Weight: 11 kgs/cabinet 
Power Consumption Avg.: 280W / ㎡ 
Estimated Max Power Consumption: 910W / ㎡ 
Drive Mode1/16 scan Drive 
Viewing Angle:120°(Horizontal) / 120°(Vertical)
Brightness at White Balance: ≥1,500 Nits 
Frame Rate: ≥60Hz 
Refresh Rate about: 1,920Hz 
Color Capability: 16 bits
Power Supply Delta with UL rating and PFC
Connectors Neutrik 
Working Voltage: 88-132 VAC or 176 – 264 VAC, 50/60 Hz 
 Service Access:Front service(magnetic module design)
Temperature and Humidity Storage:-40deg.C to +85deg.C.,  
Working:-10deg.C to +50deg.C,  10%-95%RH 
Estimated Lifetime: (Normal Condition)>100,000 hours 
P3.91 LED Video wall

Rental Type LED Video Wall P3.91

Highest quality of video processing set up of circuit board and internal components and driver PWA IC making image processing more clear and rich in the color depth . Die cast alum cabinets make perfect gap less joint . Easy installation , affordable cost , and HQ image makes that type of screen very popular on the market today.

Back side of NV-LVP-P6.25 , 500x1000mm

LED Video Panel P6.25 indoor NV-LVP-P6.25

  1. Light weight design 10.2Kg , easy to carry and lift.
  2. Easy installation , fast locks, and external signal/power jacks makes installation as real easy job.
  3. Seamless surface , high precision extruded aluminum section frame insures flat and seamless screen surface.
  4. Each cabinet has adjustable angle Lock , and this option can make installation in artistic shape , like inner arch or outside type curve.
  5. Affordable price