Flex transparent LED screen

Media facade flex transparent led display P55
P55 NET display installed on the building

NET LED Display

Best product for large scale display with maximum transparency , lightweight and easy to install.
applications : buildings media facade , large scale ceiling screen , window display , backstage dot screen and so on ... 
  • Available: P31 , P40 , P55 , P80 , P160 and P200, 
  • NET pixels : 1, 4 , and 8 leds per pixels 
  • Panels : Clear pixel with clear plastic pixel holders and wires ( best for building installation )  
  • Black with clear dome pixel ( indoor application )
  • Ultra Black pixel ( high contrast pixels , best for backstage and so on ) 
  • One slave controller power distribution box( 400W 15v output ) can support one panel up to 8m in height,  width size depend of pixel pitch you'll choose up to 8 pixels wide 
  • suitable for outdoor and indoor applications   
P55-1 NET Panel black
P80-4 NET panel clear
Slave control box with power distribution 400W , 8 output for net screen
LED NET Panel P55-4leds
P55 L4-Dot installed on the facade of building
Control Box 400W 15V , data distributor 8 output
Conformal display system
Control Box Spec
L8-Dot Clear , Milky dome - super bright pixels
L1-Dot , L2-Dot , L4-Dot pixels
L4-Dot , perfect for outdoor transparent led displays P55-P160
Outdoor LED flex transparent video screen

Outdoor Flex transparent LED video screen ( double , single side)

Available pitch sizes :40mm , 55mm, 80mm , 110mm , 160mm 

NV-LCS-XX-D( double ) S( single )

Pixel Pitch : ( available P40,55,80,110,160)

Pixel Density/Sqm 18 * 18 *2 = 648 dot

Unit Size :Customized Size is Available

Brightness / Sqm :500-6000 nits depend of pitch size  / one side (2 sides are separate)

Max Power Consumption :0.72 w/ pixel (2 sides are separate)

Pixel Dimensions: 30mm x 26mm x 16mm

Viewing angle: H120° V120°

Refresh Rate: ≥1000Hz

Gray Scale: 12 bit

Control System: AV, S-Video, VGA, CVBS, HDMI, DVI

Operating Life: 50,000 hours(to >70% luminous output)

Power supply: AC110~240V,  50~60Hz,Meanwell

Protection Level: IP 43 / 66

Work environment: temperature -30~50℃, humidity 10-90%RH

Certificate: CE, ROHS, CCC

Spec files download below :