Puzzle LED video floor

LED Puzzle video floor

Puzzle LED video Floor P10-16mm

Slim , light weighted, no wires in between , and smaller size of modules can be configure in many different type of installation , you can build any sizes of video floor ,steps and also you can use it as a video wall . 

With convenient plug and play modules you can build easy carry panels of any size is suitable for you for transportation , and it saves the time for quick installation .

Watch demo video of puzzle LED video floor

LED Video Floor/Wall P8.9

LED Video Floor/Wall screen

  • Rental Type Video floor / wall screen is ideal for many different applications and can be used as a video floor or video wall . Transparent cover mask design to be use as a protection when screen is on the floor , and strong enough even to hold a car. Mask can be easy removed by hand without tolls , or use suction toll to easy pull out .
  • Die cast alum cabinet light weighted , and easy fast to assemble .
  • Input voltage 115-240V AC 
  • Power consumption 75 watt per cabinet 
  • Cabinet size 500x500mm
  • Weight 8kg
  • Control system , Nova or Linsin 
  • Download spec file click here 
Suction tool
HD Video Processor
Cover mask for floor applications