Round LED screens

Round shape modular screen
Round led screen

Round shape LED video screen

To make a round shape screen we are using different technics , it is all depend of actual project . For example to make a large round or irregular shape display we can use standard modules with different sizes and shapes , then to hide the edges of the screen it covers by frame...
However small sizes round shape screens comes in some standard sizes ( according actual pixel pitch ) and made with special curve or round shape modules.
All screens mostly custom made, and required more project details : pictures of actual installation area , viueving distance from audiens to the screen , indoor or outdoor installation , purpose of using ( what type of media will be playing , graphics , videos or still images ) .
All of this details will help to estimate the actual cost for your project .

For more information please contact us , and we will happy to provide full solution , and tech support.
Frame for round screen using normal square and rectangular modules
Round screen, cover frame 160mm
Ceiling round led screen
P1.94 round advertisement LED display

 P1.94 LED Advertismet Display 

New round shape led display design to play ultra sharp videos , pictures and logos. 
Can be control from any smart phones and PC 

Outdoor round shape led display

Outdoor Round LED Display 

Available pitch sizes : P6      
Available diameters : 880mm 
Brightness : 4500 Nits 
Viewing angle : 120H 120W
Refresh rate : 1920Hz
Gray level : 14bit 
Control : asynchronous , wireless by 4G or WIFI 
Operating voltage : 100-240V AC 50/60Hz
Humidity : 10-90% RH
Protection : IP65

Single or double side P4.68 outdoor led display 2 feet (600mm) in diameter
Product details
P2 and P3 indoor round shape displays

 P2 and P3 indoor Round shape displays

Advertismet led displays can be used as asynchronous and synchronized media display.
Available in two sizes : P2 800mm and P3 600mm 
Asynchronous control system : plays content meadia in loop mode , images and videos can be upload by WiFi from PC or any Mobil devises.
Synchronized control system : plays meadia in real time , connected by DVI or HDMI video source.
For more details feel free to contact us.

 P4 Round shape mini LED module 10" (256mm) in diameter 

This unique smallest shape round module can be widely use as advertisement display , video art design decor, animation logo rotator, and so on.

On the back of the module you can install:
  • Asynchronous WiFi media player card, and play any type of video formats , pictures and gif files 
  • Receiving card ,connect to main sender card, and play videos and other files in real time 
  • Specifications:
Actual diameter : 256mm (10")
Actual resolution : 64x64 pixels 
Refresh rate : 1920Hz
Gray level : 16 bit 
Power consumption : 20W
Input voltage : 5VDC
Indoor use : IP20
P4 10” (256mm )round shape module ,64x64 pixels
Back side of the module with asynchronous media WiFi control card
Side view of the P4 module