DIY LED Screen accessories

LED Modules availabilities : P1.25-P10 

Indoor P1.25 - P10 

Specification list click here 

Want to build big Irregualr shape Dispaly ? 

Want to save some money and enjoy of construction display by your own ?

Here is solution :

Using a magnetic video modules possible to  build any Irregualr shape and sizes of LED video Displays , saves money, and makes your project become alive for any budget .

Basic Installation instruction :

1) You'll need to build a metal frame according your modules sizes , keep space between metal frame and back wall at list 4" (100mm )min .

2) Position and attach power supplies to the suitable location on the back wall or the metal frame. Calculate total amount of load for one power supply according power consumption watt of each module , do not over load or load to max , keep the extra room at list 30% extra on power supply.

3) install on the back wall or frame receiving cards and connect them using CAT5 or better CAT6 cables .

4) connect all power cables and low voltage cable jumpers to the power supply and reciving cards

5) start to connect low voltage power ,and flat data cables to the modules ( make sure follow by arrow pointing direction on the back of each modules , one arrow show upwards direction other arrow data input flow .

6) each reciving card has max load capacity by hight and width , it is depend of actual driving IC installed in the modules ( need to consult with us before order the modules )

7) we will provide connection diagram for easy installation process 

8) we’ll provide free support and configuration of your screen before and after installation