Rental type LED video wall

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Back side of LED cabinet
Side view of LED cabinet
Front/side view

High quality and light weight aluminum cabinets designed for easy and fast installation, actual body used as a heat-sink to cool down a electronics inside, and perfectly aline to avoid gap between cabinets .

  • Cabinet sizes : P6 576x576mm 
  • High refresh rate 2400-4800Hz ( best for high motion videos , and avoiding scanning lines)
  • Gray 12-16 bit ( color depth )
  • 4.4 trillions colors
  • High contrast ( if use black leds optional )
Perfect for TV studio to avoid any distortion and scanning lines on camera.
HD Led video processor

HD LED Video processor

Video processor has 8 different type of video inputs , and you can connect any type of video sources to be display on the screen .
Easy and no hassle to use .
Fly case

Fly case

Easy transportation for rental and storage use.
Outdoor / indoor P12.5 LED Mesh Video Screen

Outdoor / indoor P12.5 LED mesh video screen 


It can be widely used in a variety of Indoor and outdoor environment.
Slim section bar cabinets and fast install.
1、Special shaped connection: Can realize arc connection and be optional in five angles. 2、Super light and slim: cabinet thickness is only 60mm and its weight is only 5.6kg/ pcs. 3、Fast installation: push, revolve and tight; three steps only need 10 seconds.

4、High Transmittance: Transmittance can reach 30% ,which meets the demand of different stage lighting designs.

5、Seamless and even cabinet connection:Even cabinet connection and the whole screen of surface flatness error is < 0.2 mm

6、Easy cooling: Hollow out design ,combined with the high quality aluminum material that can increase the cooling area.

7、Outdoor waterproof: Waterproof level IP65, all day working.
8、Neutrik flight connector: Make sure screen connection to be faster and products work to be

more stable.

9、Support for stacking and hanging installation 

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P5.2 indoor , P10.41 outdoor rental display

Rental LED Video display P5.2 indoor , and P10.41 outdoor type.

High quality grade LED display with highest gray level, and refresh rate , no ghost problem, trillions of colors, light weight die Cust aluminum cabinets, no tolls required assemble, makes your installation quick, and easy. 
Panel size 20"x40" (500x1000mm)

Rental HD LED Video screen

Light weight design . Easy assemble and deassemble.High contrast ratio 3000:1Leds : P3.9-4.8 SMD2121 ,P6 SMD 3528 High refresh rate ( no scanning lines on camera)High Gray level 16Bit (2.8 trillion colors )Panel size 20"(Wide) x 40" (Hight) (500x1000mm)Power consumption : 400W Max , Avg 200Input voltage :90-240V AC Control system : NOVA or LINSN