LED Flex video screen solutions

NV-Flex series P3.2 (new ) P4 , P6.67 ( 6.6 = 6.7)

 NV-Flex Series P3.2 (new) ,P4 , P6.67

  • Perfect solution for curve fix installation screens 
  • Concave and convex shapes 
  • Available in P3.2 P4 and P6.67 versions 
  • High quality image 2.8 billions colors 
  • High refresh rate 2040-3840Hz
  • Easy assemble play and play 
  • Magnetic modules 
  • Indoor installation only IP20

 Watch video of LED flex screen installation below:

Magnetic flex modules screen P6.7 ,P10

LED Flex screen panels P6.7 , P10 

P10 Panel size 320x320mm (12.6x12.6") . back side of the panels has magnet post witch is strongly hold the panel on any metal frame structure .No tools need it , the design of the panels make installation easy and fast , plug and play technology saves a lot of time on installation .
Mostly use to make a round shape screens internal and external way.
Flex led modules : P2 , P2.5 , P3 , P4 , P5

LED Felx Modules P2, P2.5, P3, P4, P5

1,240x120mm led module size,made by SMD2121,only 0.17kg
2,MBI5124 Driving IC ,1920Hz high refresh,1/24 scan
3,Big bending radian,flexible to design shapes of convex, concave or twisted surfaces
4,Large viewing angle up to 360 degree,totally meet any viewing requirement
5,Assembling by module directly,no steel cabinet design,front maintenance 
6,Wide application in shores/exhibition/shopping mall etc.


See video of P2 flex module below 

Flex Curtain LED video screen P4.46-16 

Unique design of this model can solve many video project installation fast , easy and creative way as you planned . 
NV-LVC-P6.25 is brightest type of high resolution displays of this type , and can be use as a semi-outdoor type for the window display , stage background display ,and as many any other curve shaped installations .
Using PWM driving IC ,screen can reach highest refresh rate , deep gray color depth up to 16bit .
Lightweight can be easy currying , assemble and reassemble by one person .
For rental purpose comes with road cases , for fixed installation wooden or carton boxes (optional)   
Control system Linsn
Video controller or video processor are optional.

Led flex module screen P8-10mm


Led Flex Video modules series P6mm, P8mm, P10mm.

The unique design of flex LED video modules lets you creat different shape of video presentation ideas , you can build large video wall with curve , wave , and cylinder shape . Installation can be done very easily  with the back magnet posts , which is safety attached to metal frame.
Led flex magnet module , back side
Some ideas of use
Extremely flexible

F series LED Video screen 

  • Available pitch sizes from P6-31.25mm
  • product was special designed with plenty of features,  the flexibility makes it much easier for designers, event planers and project managers to make their creative ideas in real.  
  • F series can be widely used in events, music concert, conference and exhibitions, etc.