Video Gallery 3

Oligarch Banquet Hall 

Grand opening ceremony by 11/5/2014.

Products being used:

1) P6 HD led video screen , 16 bit color , 2400 Hz refresh rate , 65k gray level , high contrast LEDs 3000:1

2) high quality UL ,RGB LED flex tape around each square section on the ceiling.

3) High power RGB spot lights installed in the center of each square in the ceiling.

4) Madrix DMX control system for a ceiling , DMX in wall controllers for cove lighting , DMX control of Shandeliers , DMX drivers , etc...

5) HD video processor pic & pic for video wall

 "Oligarch" - Amazing LED lighting - supper lounge 

Grand opening by 11/5/2014

In that project we used following products :
  1. Ceiling LED Magnetic light weight video modules screen P10 ( lobby entrance )
  2. Ceiling LED Magnetic light weight video modules P5 (round shape at lounge VIP area ) HD format 1920 pixels wide 
  3. Longest LED video wall screen Irregular shape, magnetic video modules P5 ( all around the walls , 6000 pixels ( 6K TV screen ) 
  4. HD video processors and video controllers 
  5. Ul RGB and single color high quality led flex tape 
  6. RGB led Downlight  
  7. Madrix Dmx as a ceiling control system 
  8. Dmx Touch in wall controllers , for lobby lighting 
  9. Led linear wall washers 
  10. 6 mini moving head beams "spider"
  11. DMX drivers , and accessories etc.

Oligarch - LED Lighting and Video Walls , and Ceiling Video Screen installation process from beginning to the end. 

The short video of the the whole process of how it's made , installation of LED lighting and LED video magnetic modular screens.
Mapping projection on the facade of the building 

Enjoy of watching !

 Lounge-Club ~VUE~

That project was done by using 3 different type of led screens :
  1. Ceiling soft transparent net LED screen P160mm
  2. Side LED screens with adjustable curve angle P6.25mm
  3. DJ both T shape P10mm 

Saturday's nights and New Years party's at Oligarch