Astera - battery operated event equipments


Witless Pixel Tube AX1

The Wireless Pixel Tube is a one-of-a-kind lighting tube witha runtime of 5-20 hours without cables or wires. From the  AsteraApp™ controller, the Pixel Tube can be easily managed and separated into multiple pixels or sychronised with other Astera lights or lighting objects.

 Lightdrop AX3

The Lightdrop™ has undergone an X-Series makeover. This isan easy to use, RGBW wireless puck spotlight has a magnetic  underside so it can be attached to walls or under tables, or hung from ceilings by its bracket, and it can be used as an angled spotlight as in the image above. 


 Spotlite AX7

The younger brother of the SpotMax™ is the SpotLite™; a highly powerful, lightweight and cost-e ective RGBW version of the brightest wireless spotlight on the market. Bene ts include:


 Spotmax AX10

Bringing together years of knowledge in wireless lighting and German engineering, the SpotMax™ is the most advanced inwireless lighting. Bene ts include.