COB Fine pixel pitch video display

COB P1.2 , P1.5 , P1.9
COB P1.2 , P1.5 , P1.9

COB Displays it is totally new of construction technicians, and brings led displays to the new level , below some comparison of SMD , GOB and COB type displays :

COB has more shorter pixel pitch then GOB , COB is turns to be more cost effective then GOB; GOB is based on SMD Technics, still have risk of cold soldering-led failure rate still exist, GOB actually reduce the failure rate by anti-collision such physical risks not led itself, dead rate still high; COB technique  is without SMD process, and has no bad soldering risk, totally reduce the failure rate from anti collision part and led itself part, largely reduce the dead rate of bad pixels , has great protection agains physical and water damage. 

Download spec of COB display click here