COB Fine Pixel Pitch Video Displays

MCU Flip Chip COB Fixed Installation LED Video Wall

With fine pixel pitch we can offer you variety displays resolution options

With fine pixel pitch we can offer you variety displays resolution options

The COB LED video display offers distinct advantages compared to SMD or GOB technologies. COB employs a unique construction technique where LEDs (pixels) are seamlessly integrated into the PCB, eliminating solder points. This results in increased longevity, greater durability, and fewer pixel failures compared to SMD or GOB displays. Over time, solder points in SMD and GOB displays tend to disconnect due to temperature fluctuations, which isn't an issue for COB. Furthermore, COB displays are exceptionally robust and protective, unlike SMD displays where pixels can easily be damaged and fail. In summary, Flip chip COB technology boasts an extended lifespan, minimal pixel failures, enhanced contrast ratio, reduced power consumption, and smoother image quality.

COB PRO MicroLED Video Display 

COB PRO MicroLED Video Display

COB PRO MicroLED Video Display

Experience COB microLED displays like never before. True-to-life imagery demands seamless blend of extremely bright and dark areas, but without precise backlight control, this can result in unwanted blooming. That's why we've incorporated advanced Chip on Board (COB) technology, common cathode technology, and intelligent image processing to dramatically reduce blooming and deliver the most stunning and seamless visuals imaginable. For more details click link below 

Download spec file click here ⬅️

Flip chip COB TV

Flip chip COB TV , 110”,120”,130”,138”, 165”

Flip chip COB TV , 110”,120”,130”,138”, 165”

With new generation technologies now possible to enlarge your home theatre or conference room experience with new advance flip chip COB TV.

Mini COB Series LED Video Wall Display 

Mini COB Series

Mini COB Series

Mini COB LED Video Wall Display 

Download spec file click here ⬅️

SlimPro-COB Micro LEDs Series 

SlimPro-COB series video wall panels

SlimPro-COB series video wall panels

SlimPro-COB Micro LEDs 

The surface of the panel adopts a matte black finish treatment, ensuring a uniform and consistent ink-like color.

The customized connectors combined with the magnets on the cabinet allow the module to adjust in three axes and six directions, ensuring a perfectly flat screen surface.

The receiver card and power supply both support dual backups (optional). If the signal receiver or power module fails, it will automatically switch to the backup module to ensure normal display and provide protection for continuous display.

For more info open spec file link below 

Download specifications click here ⬅️

Fine pixel pitch COB Video Display 

Flip chip COB 0.93 - 1.25 fine pixel pitch video display

Flip chip COB 0.93 - 1.25 fine pixel pitch video display

Panel size 1: 609.6x342.9x49mm (2x1.125’)

Panel Size 2: 600*337.5*40mm (1.968’x1.107’)

LED Type: COB 1R1G1B (Flip Chip)

Pixel Pitch: 0.93mm , 1.25mm

Material: Die casting aluminum


Flip chip design allow packaging of more chips in the same area, which greatly improves the performance and reliability of advanced LED displays.

  • No wire bonding
  • High contrast ratio
  • Blacker- Better display effect
About COB flip-chip

About COB flip-chip


COB Displays it is totally new of construction technicians, and brings led displays to the new level , below some comparison of SMD , GOB and COB type displays :

COB has more shorter pixel pitch then GOB , COB is turns to be more cost effective then GOB; GOB is based on SMD Technics, still have risk of cold soldering-led failure rate still exist, GOB actually reduce the failure rate by anti-collision such physical risks not led itself, dead rate still high; COB technique  is without SMD process, and has no bad soldering risk, totally reduce the failure rate from anti collision part and led itself part, largely reduce the dead rate of bad pixels , has great protection agains physical and water damage. 

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