LED Video Processors & Controllers 

HD LED Video Processor NV-LVP500 

HD LED Video Processor NV-LVP500
HD LED Video Processor NV-LVP500
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About LED Video Processor
NV-LVP500 is a seamless effect switching video processor that supports digital HD input, analog HD input, analog SD input, and audio input for simultaneous audio and video output on all channels.
The following lists the audio and video input format tables supported by the LED video processor:
  • DVI Input
  • HDMI Input
  • VGA Input
  • Composite Video Input Analog Audio Input
  • USB player port for external USB flash drive 
Output Format: DVI Output
Analog Audio Output
Support VESA Standard, Max 1920x1080@60Hz 480i/p 676i/p 720p 1080i/p Color Depth 8/10/12 Bit Support VESA Standard, Max 1920x1080@60Hz PAL、NTSC、PAL-M/N、SECAM
Analog Audio Signal
Any Resolution, Max 1920x1080@60Hz Custom Resolution Output
Any Channel Analog Audio Signal
 LED Video Processor Product Features
Multiple Video Input——NV-LVP500 uses 5/6 channels of video input, including 1 AV composite video, 1 VGA, 1 DVI, 1 HDMI, 1 USB. 1 SDI/1WiFi(Expanding), Basically the needs for civil and industrial use have been covered. All video input switching can be seamlessly switched.
Output Interface——NV-LVP500 video processor has 2 video outputs, 2 video outputs use 2 DVI output connectors, which are programmed output to the LED sending card or display.
Seamless Switching Of Any Channel——The NV-LVP500 video processor can also seamlessly switch between any channels.
Output Resolution——NV-LVP500 has designed a number of practical output resolutions for users width 1920 points and high 1280 points. Applicable to a variety of dot matrix displays. Multi to 10 sort output resolutions for user selection and adjustment to point-to-point output.
Mode Save Function——NV-LVP500 uses 10 sets of user presets. Each set of user presets can store all user setting parameters, which can implement parameter backup and field calling functions (but need to enter the system menu calling).
Instant Storage Technology——The instant storage technology solves the user's cumbersome setup and manual storage process, that is, the user does not need to perform manual save operation after adjusting or adjusting the parameters, and the NV-LVP500 automatically stores the user parameters in the EEPROM, even after powering off, The parameters before the power failure remain in the device.

Main Sender card MSD300 NovaStar 

Main sender card MSD300 comparable with NV-LVP500 and other video processors
Main sender card MSD300 comparable with NV-LVP500 and other video processors

Input Resolution :1280×1024, 1024×1200, 1600×848, 1920×712 or 2048×668(width and height can be specially defined by customers) Capacity :1.3 million pixels Supply Voltage :5.0V Control Method :USB Interface Video Interface :DVI Audio Interface :3.5mm Viedo Format :RGB Output Interface :2 Ethernet ports Bit Depth Of Video Resource :8bit Light Sensor Interface :1 Certification :RoHS、CE

Taurus TB-2 Asynchronous / synchronous video controller / media player
Taurus TB-2 Asynchronous / synchronous video controller / media player
In stock 
Price $349.95


The Taurus family of products is Nova’s second-generation multimedia player for small to medium-sized LED full color displays. ** 4G is an optional feature and is not included ** The TB2-4G model product has the following features: Powerful processing Total control plan Support synchronous asynchronous dual mode Support WiFi AP connection Support 4G module Support USB Direct Connect PC The omni-directional control solution not only supports program release and display control of PC, mobile, and LAN, but also supports far The process is released and monitored. Other hardware features The hardware of the TB2-4G also has the following features: Supports 650,000 pixel points with a maximum capacity of 1920 pixels and a maximum of 1080 pixels. Support Gigabit wired network. Support stereo audio output. Support HDMI input mode and full-screen adaptive playback. Support U disk program import and playback. Onboard brightness sensor interface for automatic and timed intelligent brightness adjustment. Application scenario The Taurus range of products can be used in a wide range of LED commercial displays, such as light pole screens, chain store screens, advertising machines, Mirror screen, retail store screen, door screen, car screen, screen without PC, etc.

HD LED Video Processor LS-VP4000E

LED Video Processor LS-VP4000
LS-VP4000E LED Video Processor , has 5 channels of video input, 3 channels of video output.Which can be widely used in engineering , rental performance ,irregular/large LED display screen/mixed LED display(different spacing),large stage theater,display and exhibition, etc.
Multiple video interface:Input:HDMI,DVI,1xVGA, 2xCVBS; Output 2xDVI,VGASeamless switching/Fade-in-fade-out:Pictures from 2 channels can be switched seamless, also can be fade-in-fade-outMultiple output resolution:Many resolution can be selected (Max.2304x1152@60Hz) and user-defined resolution2.65 million pixels supported:Max.height can be 3840 pixels, max. vertical can be 1920 pixels.Preset storage and recall:Can switch to the saved scene quicklyChroma Key:Cut part image from one video ,then put it on another video, for example image overlapped Support picture in picture (PIP): The size and location of the 2 pictures can be adjustable Powerful Splicing function:Perfectly splicing,support Uniform and not uniform splicing, support 10X10 video processors to splicing User-defined input resolution:Can perfectly realize the PC to LED screen point to point display Support project lock settings:To avoid the wrong operationShort key settings :Black output/Normal output,Freeze, Part/Full Screen
Download tech spec click here
Currently not available  

VX6S LED Video Processor
VX6S LED Video Processor
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