Transparent LED Video Display

LED Transparent Display - Iglass series 

LED Transparent Display - Iglass series
LED Transparent Display - Iglass series

Iglass series has N series (no tube) and T seri es( with tube).

Transparent led display is a kind of innovative transparent led display, which does not affect the building space and building lighting. It has successfully realized commercial display, built new retail, new experience, and

new business forms for smart cities, and integrated smart quotient into modern city.

Transparent Soft Film LED Displays (SFLD) Series , Available Pitch : P6 , P8, P10, P15 , P20

Transparent Soft Film LED Displays (SFLD) Series
Transparent Soft Film LED Displays (SFLD) Series

New transparent technology makes video to be applied almost anywhere with variety of applications, download spec for more details. 

Clear Vision LED Film Display 

Clear Vision Film LED Display , Available P20 , P31 , P62
Clear Vision Film LED Display , Available P20 , P31 , P62

Clear Film LED Display , is unique type of technology with invisible and flexible PCB .Very light weight 0.9kg per sq/m (2Lbs per sq/m) .Self adhesive, and easy to apply to any glass window. LED film converts any glass to the clear LED video display with highest brightness visible during a day time , and provide you highest 95% transparency. 

Semi-outdoor  Transparent LED display 

Transparent LED Video screen 

Available Pitch sizes : P2.6x5.2mm , P3.9x7.8mm , P7.8x7.8mm P10.4x10.4mm .

Unique technology , specially designed to use as a maximum transparency and maximum resolution , and perfectly can be used as a window advertisement display, and attract attention with spectacular effect and perfect vision quality .

Panel sizes : W1000xH1000mm, W1000xH500mm, 500x500mm 

Brightness: 1400-4000 Nits depend of pixel pitch size .


Transparenr semi-outdoor LED display
Transparenr semi-outdoor LED display
Application cases - transparent LED display P3.9/7.8
Application cases - transparent LED display P3.9/7.8
Customizable Transparent  LED Video Panel
Customizable Transparent LED Video Panel
Round shape transparent LED displays
Round shape transparent LED displays

Pixel pitch P3.9/7.8 transparent round shape LED display 

P3.9/7.8 Transparent round shape LED display
P3.9/7.8 Transparent round shape LED display

Our New Transparent LED Displays with pixel pitch (P3.9/P7.8) delivering top-quality products features a safe edge design, prioritizing user safety by effectively preventing collisions and ensuring a secure viewing environment

The unique IC arrangement in our screens goes beyond functionality and contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal. It enhances the visual quality of the display, providing a visually stunning experience.

Moreover, we provide flexibility in cabinet sizes, allowing for customization to meet the specific requirements of diverse projects. This adaptability ensures that our transparent screens can seamlessly integrate into various settings.

Lastly, our solutions are highly customizable, enabling us to meet the specific needs of our clients

  • Watch YouTube video below.⬇️

Holographic 3D stand display with 3 fans 

3D Holographic LED display
3D Holographic LED display

A holographic LED display is a type of display technology that creates 3D holographic-like images or visuals using an array of LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). It relies on a combination of LEDs, specialized optics, and sometimes even projection technology to produce images that appear to float in space without the need for glasses or other 3D viewing equipment. These displays are often used for advertising, entertainment, and artistic purposes to create eye-catching and immersive visuals that can interact with viewers from various angles.

The stand display in question integrates three holographic displays to form a substantial vertical image. It serves as an advertising stand suitable for placement behind store windows or inside the store, provided it is positioned in a secure area inaccessible to people. This is necessary because the holographic display blades rotate at a high RPM and could potentially cause serious injuries.

To watch the video click here ⬅️

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